Corner Pocket Shuffle - Join the Fun & Win!

1. Must enter by acquiring a raffle ticket. Value of $2. Either by purchasing or by entering through our web site.
2. Once a week we will hold a drawing in which 1, 2 or 3 tickets will be drawn from those entered.
3. Winners will then have a chance to draw one of 52 cards from a bucket. The card they draw must then match the one that they pick from the 52 cards that will be fastened to our CP Shuffle drawing board. A correct draw will win a $25 gift certificate from the CP. The owner of this $25 gift certificate from the CP will then have an opportunitiy to throw a BULLSEYE on our dart board. A BULLSEYE will win the CP Shuffle pot which will start at $1010 and build with new entries each week that there is not a winner.

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We will change the sandwich special weekly. In the fall enjoy soup and sandwich specials.

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